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Our Coaches

Head coach Xiaoping Lu

Xiaoping began his coaching career in 1978, as the professional coach of the Chinese Navy Swimming Team and the Liberation Army Swimming Team (top team in China). He subsequently became the director of the Chinese Navy Swimming Team, a position which he held for 5 years. During his time, as coach of the Chinese Navy Swimming Team, several of his athletes broke national records and his team was ranked fourth in China. Xiaoping graduated from the Shanghai Physical and Culture University, majoring in swim coach education. Xiaoping has been coaching the Gators Swim Club, since 1997. Under his guidance, his swimmers have received provincial and national recognition. In July of 2003, one of his swimmers received three silver medals in the Club Nationals in Calgary. During the 2004 to 2009 season, Xiaoping's swimmers received several gold, silver and bronze medals in national and international meets. Xiaoping was also selected to coach the BC Team attending the 2005 Canada Games and the 2008 BC vs. Alberta dual meet. In the 2006 season, Xiaoping was selected as head coach of the BC team to attend the Paul Bergen Junior International and his swimmers received two gold medals and two fourth place finishes. Furthermore, as coach of the Canadian Junior National Australia Tour Team, Xiaoping attended the Victoria State Championships Open and his group received several gold, silver and bronze medals and also broke the girls’ 5X50m free relay record of Victoria State. Xiaoping also received the Canadian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association 2006 and 2008 Speedo Domestic Excellence Award. Xiaoping was certified as a NCCP level 3 coach in 2001 and finished some of the NCCP level 4 courses in 2002. Currently, Xiaoping is a Certified Senior Coach of Canada.

Head Coach Xiaoping coaches the Elite, Senior A and Senior B groups

Email: coachxiaoping@gmail.com

Message from Coach Xiaoping

Welcome to all new and returning swimmers and parents. For the 2017/2018 season, we are going to focus on:

  • Building a stronger team with stronger team members.
  • Encouraging communication between coaches, parents, and the club
  • Helping our coaches improve.
  • Trying to get more pool space to meet increased number of swimmers.
  • Continuing our long-term focus on technique and endurance.
  • Encouraging parents to volunteer.

Building a stronger team and stronger team members

We are going to encourage swimmers to work harder to overcome their difficulties in swimming. We want to create a fun team atmosphere - a place where swimmers feel inclusive, while building strong friendships. We will use the sport of swimming to help build personal character, and to respect the club rules, parents, coaches, teammate, pool staff and officials. We will prepare our swimmers for competition by educating them on swim meet rules and procedures.

Encourage communication between coaches, parents and the club

We will have regular meetings between coaches and parents. Coaches will be available to answer questions from parents, before and after practice. Finally, parents are encouraged to visit our website or our Killarney bulletin board to keep up with current club activities.

We will encourage our coaches to improve their knowledge of coaching by: attending NCCP courses or conferences, exchanging ideas during coach’s meetings, and being watchful and helping each other on the pool deck.

Our long-term program has worked well over the last ten years. We will continue our video technique analysis on some Saturday practices. Any swimmer, who does not swim on Saturday, please contact your coach to arrange for a video technique analysis. We plan to increase the amount of swimming for new and developmental swimmers and more distance swimming for our competitive swimmers, this season. We also have self-monitoring programs for senior groups supporting this program.

Encouraging parents to volunteer.

I would like to thank all the parents who volunteered to help the club. I believe that if more parents get involved in our club by volunteering, our club will get better and stronger.

Assistant Coach: Kyle Cheng

Kyle started his swimming career in 2003 at Gators’ summer clinic and worked his way up to the Elite group. Under Xiaoping’s tutelage, Kyle competed at the provincial level and maintained triple A status until he decided to hang up his swim shorts (and decided to put on some coaching shorts). During the last year of his swimming career, Kyle finished with top 10 in BC for 100 and 200 breaststroke in his age category.

After 3 years of volunteering during summer clinic, Kyle proved his potential as a young coach. He has experience coaching all of the developmental groups in Gators.

Now in his 5th year coaching for Gators, he is coaching Age/Age Plus. Currently, Kyle is studying Kinesiology at Langara College to further improve his coaching abilities. He hopes to inspire his young swimmers and provide as much support as he can to lead them to success.  

Kyle coaches the Age and Age Plus groups

Email: kyle.cheng@hotmail.com

Coach: Anchie Xu

Anchie was a former member of the National Swim Team and Zhejiang Provincial Team of China. During her swimming career, she won several national championships and attained excellent results and rankings in international swim competitions. She received a Silver Medal in the 100IM event in the FINA Short Course World Championships in 1997. FINA has ranked her as one of the top 50 swimmers. She was ranked 22nd overall, in the women's 200M individual medley event in 1998.

Anchie has been coaching since 2000, and has experience in both, China and the United States. She loves working with kids and sharing her swimming experience.  Her goal is to train the swimmers to be competitive and to develop a passion for swimming, while building character, dedication and perseverance.

Anchie has Bachelor Degree in Law from the Sun Yat-Sen University in China.

Anchie is now fully certified as an Age Group Coach (NCCP level 2), with National Coaching of Canada recognition. She is also certified as a National Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor.

Assistant Coach: Jennifer Zhao

Jennifer has been a Gator member since she was nine years old. Growing up in the pool, swimming has not only shown Jennifer hard work and dedication, but also a drive to persevere through difficult times. This will be her third year as a coach for the Killarney Gators Swim Club and she is determined to create a fun, competitive environment as well as guide her swimmers in the right path. Jennifer is currently coaching Junior and Gecko levels, and watching her swimmers improve brings her great joy. Jennifer sets her groups at high standards and is known for giving swimmers tough love. Every year, she is excited to pass her knowledge on. Jennifer is nothing less than a role model and a motivator for her young athletes.

If Jennifer is not seen at the pool or at school then she will be at the gym lifting weights. She might have hung up her towel but she continues to dedicate her time in health and fitness through powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Jennifer is NCCP level 1 trained.

2016-2017 Board


Arthur Tsai

Vice President

Paul Wong


Sarah Ho


Phuong Nguyen

Cynthia Startup


Katie Leung

Eilan Jung

Lily Tran

Members at Large

Reiko Van Buckley

Winnie Lau

Peter Ng

Suryadi Wen

James Clark

Emmanuel Ronque

Club Excellence

Killarney Gators Swim Club is proud to be a part of the Club Excellence program. This national certification ensures that the Gators Swim Club provides a quality program, high standards in coaching, and follows good governance by putting the right policies in place and being financially accountable. For a more detailed explanation of this program, please visit http://swimbc.ca/club-excellence.

The followings are the attributes from Club Excellence Program that our Club supports.

  1. Long term athlete development guide.
  2. Parent's guide to Long Term Athlete Development-Canadian Sport For Life.
  3. True Sport Principles and Values.
  4. Gators Inclusion Policy.
  5. Gators Return to Play Policy.



TThe Gators Swim Club uses points and deposit system for parent volunteer hours. The Club is a non-profit organization that is solely operated by parent volunteers. This system encourages parents to contribute their time and effort for a more vibrant and healthier Club. This system also ensures that the Club has enough volunteers for the Club daily operation, the swim meets and others events. It also helps the Gators to reciprocate other clubs’ help in unning its meets.

Act of Gators

Gators Code Of Conducts

Killarney Gators Swim Club. Code of Conducts, roles and responsibilities.

Killarney Gators Swim Club (KGSC) is a registered not for profit society and must comply with all regulations as set out in the Society’s Act http://www.bclaws.ca/EPLibraries/bclaws_new/document/ID/freeside/00_96433_01.

KGSC swims on the property of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation (VBPR), as such, we have to abide by their code of conducts. VBPR code of conducts states that for all of us to:

  • Be Responsible and Respectful
  • Play Fair and Share
  • Say “No” to Abuse
  • Be Positive and Encouraging
  • Expect the Best

in order to enjoy public recreation in Vancouver...



The Kilarney Gators Swim Club (KGSC) is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our members so they can swim in a relaxed and secure environment.

To this extent, bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our club. If bullying does occur, all swimmers or parents should be able to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

We are a TELLING club. This means that anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to tell a coach or any Board member.

Our Gators by Laws